Insurance and Risk Management for Summer Camps

Summer camps are a vital necessity in communities across the country. Protecting, caring, and stimulating the growth and maturation of our children is not a task that ends during the months of July and August. As with any situation that involves our most vulnerable citizens ensuring that things are handled safely is important. Protecting against the many risks that could curtail the work of a quality summer camp entirely is also vital.

Lamb Financial is encouraging summer camps nationwide to take some time to look into their current insurance plans. Whether your summer camp is a nonprofit or a for-profit business our expertise in risk management and insurance can help preserve the important work you are doing. The specific needs when purchasing insurance for summer camps are often not understood by large brokers.

Each year summer camps risk being shut down simply because they purchased insurance that does not comprehensively cover their needs. Lamb Financial can find the specific kind of insurance for nonprofits and for-profit service organizations that can protect your camp, the children, and your staff. Beyond our comprehensive risk management plan we can offer assistance in employee background checks and vehicle insurance for nonprofits required during summer activities.

This summer make sure your camp is safe by getting a free assessment from our expert staff.

Property Insurance for Nonprofits in Advance of Hurricane Season

With hurricane season imminent now is the time nonprofits and for-profit human service organizations are beginning to wonder if they have the proper insurance to safeguard their organization from potential property damage. Unfortunately many organizations feel  the wrath of hurricanes even when they are located inland , away from the shoreline.  In 2011  Hurricane Irene brought devastating floods to inland New Jersey when 11 rivers flooded and remained at moderate flood levels for over a week.  And we all have the  catastrophic effects from Hurricane Sandy fresh on our minds.  Making matters worse, for scientists there seems to be no real consensus on the severity of storms we should be expecting this season.  Global Weather Oscillations, the only organization to correctly predict a weak 2013 hurricane season, is predicting a much more dangerous 2014. Their estimates predict 17 named storms, eight hurricanes, and three major hurricanes.

Appropriate property insurance for nonprofits is something that must be managed on a case by case basis. An expert should be called in to evaluate your organizations needs based on the kind of work you do, the facilities you utilize, and your vulnerability to extreme weather. A comprehensive risk management program for any organization should take into account potential extreme weather systems in a given area. If you are concerned your current policy does not go far enough get in touch with the experts at Lamb Financial today for a quote.