Protecting Your Health Facilities Against a Security Breach

When dealing with sensitive medical information, it is important to protect the people you are trying to help as well as trying to protect the organization.  In this age of data collection, there are a variety of forces interested in trying to access patient information illegally. These risks are shared by all health and human service organizations.

A recent security breach at a Queens, NY hospital highlights the needs for health centers of all kinds to insure themselves against these misdeeds.  The institution itself could be called to account for the behavior of employees or outside forces in the form of paying damages to victims of the security breach. The only thing that will protect the organization from these potentially devastating damages is an effective insurance policy.

The risks posed by a  security breach of people’s sensitive information is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing insurance for nonprofits and social service organizations. When that information is of a medical nature, the risks are even greater.  Lamb Financial Group will provide the appropriate insurance to protect your organization against any of these potential situations.