Protecting Your Health Facilities Against a Security Breach

Posted on May 13th, 2014 by

When dealing with sensitive medical information, it is important to protect the people you are trying to help as well as trying to protect the organization.  In this age of data collection, there are a variety of forces interested in trying to access patient information illegally. These risks are shared by all health and human service organizations.

A recent security breach at a Queens, NY hospital highlights the needs for health centers of all kinds to insure themselves against these misdeeds.  The institution itself could be called to account for the behavior of employees or outside forces in the form of paying damages to victims of the security breach. The only thing that will protect the organization from these potentially devastating damages is an effective insurance policy.

The risks posed by a  security breach of people’s sensitive information is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing insurance for nonprofits and social service organizations. When that information is of a medical nature, the risks are even greater.  Lamb Financial Group will provide the appropriate insurance to protect your organization against any of these potential situations.

Employee Misconduct and Insurance for Nonprofits

Posted on March 25th, 2014 by

When hiring employees, human service organizations go through great pains to find the right candidates, sometimes  leaving vital positions unfilled for months as they continue their search. Despite Background checks and rigorous interviews,  whenever a company hires someone there is some risk.

In a variety of cases throughout the country,  nonprofits have been gravely compromised by not only the failings of some employees, but by the failure of their insurers to cover for particular concerns. Very often Buying insurance for nonprofits is more  complicated than buying insurance for other kinds of organizations.

Having the right insurance coverage and a well structured risk management program is essential to protect you and your organization. Lamb Financial Group provides cutting edge expertise in risk management for nonprofits and for profit social service and healthcare organizations nationwide.

Food Service Risks – Avoiding Foodborne Illnesses at Your Organization

Posted on December 23rd, 2013 by
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One in six Americans will get sick every year due to food borne illnesses. This factor directly affects your non-profit organization if you regularly serve food to customers. If you are not properly insured against this illness, your non-profit could greatly suffer from the mitigation costs. It is important to know what causes food borne illnesses, the symptoms that occur, and how to avoid them in order to lessen the risk of infecting your customers. It is highly beneficial to have the proper insurance coverage if food borne illness should occur.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and chemicals are all causes of food borne illness. Contamination can happen during the harvesting and processing of foods, or through food preparation in kitchens. Thoroughly washing hands and surfaces after touching raw meats can help avoid cross-contamination with other foods. Food also needs to be properly stored and separated in order to stop any bacterial growth. Properly cooking meats is the only way to kill any bacteria that have started to grow.

In addition, viruses and parasites spread through contaminated water or already infected beings. Chemicals can spread through the toxins of fish as well as contaminated vegetables and fruits, therefore, produce needs to be thoroughly washed before it is consumed.

Furthermore, the quicker …