Why Background Checks Matter for Nonprofit Employees that Work With Kids

background checks for employees working with children

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Most companies and businesses conduct background checks as a part of the hiring process, but it’s especially important to conduct background checks on employees that work with children. By doing so, you are helping your nonprofit’s reputation and giving parents peace of mind, ensuring that children will be in a safe environment.

Consider this: While many that work with children have pure intentions, a 2011 Government Accountability Office Report found that some sex offenders were working in child care. In Washington, D.C. alone, they found 24 potential cases of sex offenders that were involved in childcare programs. Background checks can help prevent instances like this.

Moreover, in most states the law requires that background checks are conducted on nonprofit employees if the organization offers services for children, according to the Nonprofit Risk Management Center. Additionally, some insurers may require you to do checks as part of your sexual molestation liability insurance.

With this in mind, keeping the children protected while in your care is your primary concern. The best way to do this is to do a comprehensive check on each staff member. By doing so, it can help you find whether they have a history of violent crimes, sexual offense convictions or have had cases of child neglect or abuse. Not to mention, by doing these checks, it will help you make sure you are hiring the right people to staff your organization.

You can conduct background checks several ways. Child Care Aware of America recommends you begin the check with fingerprints. By scanning their fingerprints to check state and federal records it can help pull up any arrest or warrant information. Further, it’s imperative to check the sex offender registry and the child abuse and neglect registry. By doing a more thorough check, you are showing parents that you care about the safety of their children.

Lamb Financial Group can help nonprofits and social services organizations providing child care and other children’s services ensure they have the right people for the job. We offer background checks on request for our clients as a part of our risk management services. Contact us at 1-866-481-5262 for more information.

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