Tips for Building the Future Leaders of Your Nonprofit

A few months ago we shared some tips for building a strong board of directors. In addition to making sure you have a strong and effective board of directors now, it’s also wise to think ahead and invest in those that will help lead your nonprofit in the future.

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Philanthropy Journal recently outlined four ways to start this process. The first step is to recognize talent and cultivate it. This means openly acknowledging individuals for their successful contributions to the organization and providing them with support when they transition into new roles or take on new tasks within the organization.

The second step is to identify the needs of your nonprofit and provide development opportunities. This can include identifying gaps where individuals with the potential to be leaders could step in or pinpointing an area where leadership may be needed for a special project. Give lower level employees the opportunity to express their own ideas on what areas could use improvement or what risks need to be addressed. Employees might even reveal an issue or area of improvement that has been overlooked.

Another step in the path to building your future nonprofit leaders is to create individualized development plans for those that show great promise for the future of your organization. Philanthropy Journal advises setting aside a time to speak with individuals about their future career goals and aspirations and providing an honest assessment of this person’s current skills and performance. You can then help the employee to set goals for professional development.

Follow through with these individual development plans. After you’ve set the individual on a path that will build their leadership skills, check back in with them regularly to look at the progress that has been made in their new position or responsibilities, and provide feedback and guidance as needed.

While thinking ahead by identifying potential leaders is one way to propel your organization forward, thinking ahead by identifying risks and obtaining the proper insurance is the only way to safeguard the future of your organization.

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