Setting up a Safety Committee

Who is responsible for creating the safety plans for your organization? While it might seem easier to delegate the task to one person, your organization can benefit tremendously from having a safety committee made up of representatives from different areas of the organization. As OSHA notes, safety committees are a part of “the backbone of a solid plan to prevent injuries.”

setting up a safety committeeWhen seeking out employees to be a part of the safety committee, Smart Business advises that you seek out volunteers from all levels of management and labor. If you are developing a state-certified safety committee, check to see if there is a minimum number of committee members needed from each area. For example, in Pennsylvania committees must have at least two employer and two employee representatives. Safety Daily Advisor also suggests that committee members selected display the following characteristics:

  • A commitment to safety in the workplace
  • Genuine concern for co-workers
  • Leadership qualities
  • The ability to work on a team with co-workers and managers


Once safety committee members have been selected, a chairperson will need to be elected. The role of a chairperson should rotate between management and labor level representatives. OSHA and Safety Daily advisor say that rotating the role can help to keep the committee productive and inspired.

Once you have successfully formed a committee, establish a regular meeting schedule. At the first few meetings, you’ll want to work together to learn about the health and safety risk factors that may already be present. Next, you’ll want to establish health and safety guidelines, policies, and procedures. And finally, you’ll want to distribute these to all employees. Once these documents have been created, future meetings can be used to address problems, provide trainings, or bring in guest speakers that specialize in health and safety.

As we’ve shared before, an organization can reap many benefits from creating a strong safety plan, and a strong safety committee is a necessity for forming that plan. Some of the benefits include improvement of loss history and better insurance pricing.

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