Preventing Break-Ins at Your Organization this Holiday Season

preventing theft and break-ins at your organization

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With the holiday season approaching, burglars know that you are more likely to be with your friends and family rather than staying at your business and working. This situation increases the risks of break-ins during the holidays and it happens more than you may think. Knowing how to protect your non profit organization from breaking and entering will help from becoming vulnerable to loss.

Below are a few tips on how to protect your organization this holiday season:

1. Install a security system. This could be as easy as installing motion sensors or having an access keypad. Monitoring these systems is critical if they are going to be effective.

2. Keep all valuable items out of sight. This may deter burglars from breaking in if they do not see any valuables.

3. Keep all cash or any other valuables in a safe and have that safe secured to the floor. If the safe is bolted to the floor, burglars cannot pick it up and walk out with it. This way will keep the burglar at the premises and may result in police catching them in time.

4. Install a surveillance system that is linked to a system in your home or smart phone for monitoring. If burglars see that a camera is recording everything and someone is watching, they are less likely to break in.

5. Light all entrances. Burglars like to be able to enter premises without being seen, therefore, have a light on in an entry point might make them think twice about entering.

6. Make sure all doors have dead bolt locks and are lined with metal security cross bars.

7. Windows should have locks and burglar-resistant glass.

If a loss should occur, such as theft or vandalism, you will need to have the proper insurance protection. Lamb Financial Group can help you learn more on how to protect your non profit organization this and holiday and provide information on the proper coverage you may need. Contact us or call 866-481-5262 to learn more.

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