Preparing Your Fleet to Avoid Winter Driving Hazards

winter driving hazards

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Very soon winter will be upon us and with it will come the blustery storms and driving risks snow and ice storms can cause. As part of your nonprofit risk management services, there are some preparations you can make to help your fleet avoid winter driving hazards and to promote safe winter driving practices.

Before the cold weather comes, all fleet vehicles should have a detailed inspection done to ensure essential systems such as defrosting, heating and braking are all in excellent working order. Tires and windshield wipers should also be checked and changed if they are not designed for winter driving. You may wish to refer to our previous article titled “Creating a Fleet Safety Checklist” for additional tips on ensuring your vehicles are safe for all driving conditions.

There are ways your drivers can avoid winter driving hazards as well. Although some may be common sense, it is a good idea to remind everyone in your nonprofit organization to slow down and allow more space between other vehicles during inclement weather and avoid sudden stops to prevent skids. They should also be reminded of snowplow safety, such as not passing snowplows on the right due to the limited visibility and potential for hitting their large plow blades and maintaining a safe distance behind them since they throw a lot of snow and can seriously impact visibility.

As a nonprofit manager, you should have clearly-stated policies regarding safe-driving practices for your fleet that encourage drivers to take their time during bad weather and pull over if necessary. Making sure you are aware of weather conditions, informing your drivers and even delaying trips if possible are all considerations that should be made.

Lamb Financial Group offers driver safety training and commercial fleet consulting services to help make sure your nonprofit’s fleet has its best chance against driving risks. Combined with our expertise in commercial auto insurance, we have your nonprofit covered. Call us at 866-481-5262 or contact us to learn more about protecting your nonprofit’s fleet from winter driving hazards.

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