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Is social media part of your nonprofit’s strategy for attracting volunteers, supporters, business partners and donations? If not, it really should be.

Why social media? “Because Facebook, Twitter and other networks are where the eyeballs are,” Mashable explains, “In fact, socially shared content makes up 10% of all web content, at least according to analysis by the social platform ShareThis.”

Don’t believe us? Just look at the numbers! According to Mashable, 2012 was one of the biggest years for nonprofits and social engagement. The average donation through social media increased from $38 in 2010 to $59 in 2012. Their data even shows that for nonprofits, the average value of a Facebook “like” for nonprofits in a 12-month period is now $161.30. New social media tools are being made available to nonprofits as well. YouTube now has a Nonprofit Program for helping nonprofits and charities build audiences on YouTube.

But it’s not just about donations. Nonprofit social media channels can be used to build and develop relationships with supporters. The Social Media Manager for the National Wildlife Federation, Danielle Brigida, who was recognized by Mashable as one of the 75 Environmentalists to Follow, explains, “Social media helps bridge the divide so donors can see their impact and feel connected to the mission day to day.”

A white paper from a Nonprofit Series on “The Power of Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations” encourages nonprofit organizations to use social media while also warning them at the same time to be wary of the risk of security breaches. The white paper cited the hacking of both President Barack Obama and Britney Spears’ Twitter accounts in 2009 as examples.

Security breaches in social media can lead to the spread of viruses and/or the mishandling of personal information. But these exposures should not deter nonprofit organizations from going social. It simply reinforces the importance of establishing social-media security policies. These policies can include a schedule for changing social media account passwords on a regular basis and a clear outline of what types of information should and should not be posted. You can find great examples of social media policies for nonprofits on

The previously mentioned exposures also reinforce the importance of cyber liability insurance. While cyber security policies can protect an organization by working to prevent breaches, a cyber liability insurance policy is what protects an organization in the event that it does fall victim to a breach.

Let the risk-management experts at Lamb Financial Group help your nonprofit successfully spread its mission through a safe and secure network. To learn more about our cyber liability insurance and other commercial insurance options for nonprofits and human service organizations, contact a Lamb Financial Group representative at 212.375.3000.


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