Managing Risks at an After-School Program

risk management services for afterschool prgrams

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According to several studies on school-aged children, the most vulnerable time for them to engage in criminal activities or experimentation with drugs, alcohol and other risky behaviors is in the hours after school, before their parents get home from work. Quality after-school programs can provide the supervision and learning opportunities to prevent children from making poor choices. These programs can also encourage them to attain better grades and develop beneficial social behaviors. While after-school programs are making great strides in helping children, they are not without some risks.

An important component of quality after-school care is the ability for kids to socialize and participate in supervised activities like sports. It is critical to ensure that playground equipment and any sports gear is properly maintained and checked frequently for possible safety hazards. The key is to provide a safe area for children to play in.

Additionally, with quality supervision being at the forefront of a successful after-school program, vetting employees and performing in-depth background checks is essential. You do not wish the hard work of your organization to be thwarted by the discovery of an employee that has been convicted of a crime against children, especially when trying to provide a service to protect children from adverse conditions.

Once you are certain you have hired the right employees for your organization, part of your risk management plan should include proper training, so they understand their position as role models. Understanding negligence and the importance of being a strong supervisor is essential for the well-being of not only the children, but to the reputation and financial stability of your organization as well. Employees should also be trained in and keep current certifications in CPR and first aid, so they are prepared to respond in the event of a medical emergency.

Lamb Financial Group believes strongly in after-school programs that benefit all children in our country. Our nonprofit risk management services are designed to ensure your organization has the best protection in place to minimize exposure to risks, including comprehensive background checks, risk management plans and insurance coverage. Please call us at 866-481-5262, or contact us to learn how we can help protect your organization.

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