How to Keep Nonprofit Employees Inspired

The Chronicle of Philanthropy once noted that “Nonprofit employees are more satisfied than others with their jobs,” but it also revealed a point worthy of concern – when society or the organization doesn’t “love them back,” nonprofit employees feel overworked. That, in turn, leads to burnout. And when employees feel burnt out and as if their contributions aren’t valued by the organization, turnover rates can begin to increase.

keeping nonprofit employees inspiredHappy employees are more productive and less likely to leave their jobs, so it is important to consider different ways to motivate and inspire your employees to keep retention rates up. Providing them with a few incentives is a great way to show your employees that their hard work is appreciated and a valuable addition to the mission of your nonprofit.

Encore recommends offering both traditional and nontraditional employee rewards. These include time off, gym discounts, health insurance, trade and/or professional memberships, and cash incentives. Benefits like these can help meet an employee’s physical needs, as well as psychological needs.

The article “10 Creative, Low-Cost Perks to Keep Nonprofit Employees Happy and Productive” offers a different list of ideas that are inexpensive and can make coming to work more fun for employees. Ideas such as casual Friday, a telecommuting policy, employee birthday celebrations, and occasional free snacks are a great way to treat employees to something special. Additionally, the article notes that perks like these are especially nice to consider if your organization isn’t able to offer competitive salaries.

When your employees are happy and productive, your nonprofit can run at optimal efficiency and is better equipped achieve success in its mission. Satisfied employees also offer the benefit of being more engaged and willing to “go the extra mile” to get the job done (KnowHowNonProfit). It also ensures a healthier and safer working environment, and an encouraging morale.

What do you do to keep your nonprofit employees happy? Leave a comment to share with us.


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