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AFC wanted to share with their newsletter readers what writing insurance for Group Homes was really like, and they turned to Lamb Financial Group’s Liam Kemmerley for help. Based in Pennsylvania, AFC is a program administrator that specializes in Social Services and Group Home insurance.

Liam is an executive account manager at Lamb Financial Group and has more than 11 years of insurance experience. He has worked on the carrier, wholesale brokerage and retail sides of the industry. When discussing Group Homes with AFC, Liam explained that he enjoys writing insurance for Group Homes, believing that it serves an important part of our population. In addition, he believes it has great potential to become a significant part of the Long Term/Personal Care industry. Lamb Financial has already partnered with more than 150 Group Homes-related accounts nationwide and has noticed a steady increase in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

Group Homes include elderly, mentally handicapped, developmentally disabled, and addiction recovery populations. Hence, Liam compares the exposures of Group Homes with those of hospitals. “Although their budget or revenue size may be smaller, their exposure is the same and needs to be addressed in the policy,” Liam told AFC.

Some of the largest exposures that exist with Group Homes are: inadequately trained staff members, deficient staff-to-client ratios, abuse and molestation, poor driver training, and improper controls and risk management for auto fleets.

Because of the exposures associated with Group Homes, agents must be meticulous in assuring that Group Homes have the proper limits and coverage in place. As Liam told AFC, “These are not cookie cutter risks and should not be treated as such.” The biggest mistake agents can make when writing Group Home insurance is treating them as you would another organization of the same size, Liam explains.

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To learn more about Group Home insurance, contact one of the experienced agents at Lamb Financial Group in New York by calling 1.866.481.5262.


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