Food Service Risks – Avoiding Foodborne Illnesses at Your Organization

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One in six Americans will get sick every year due to food borne illnesses. This factor directly affects your non-profit organization if you regularly serve food to customers. If you are not properly insured against this illness, your non-profit could greatly suffer from the mitigation costs. It is important to know what causes food borne illnesses, the symptoms that occur, and how to avoid them in order to lessen the risk of infecting your customers. It is highly beneficial to have the proper insurance coverage if food borne illness should occur.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and chemicals are all causes of food borne illness. Contamination can happen during the harvesting and processing of foods, or through food preparation in kitchens. Thoroughly washing hands and surfaces after touching raw meats can help avoid cross-contamination with other foods. Food also needs to be properly stored and separated in order to stop any bacterial growth. Properly cooking meats is the only way to kill any bacteria that have started to grow.

In addition, viruses and parasites spread through contaminated water or already infected beings. Chemicals can spread through the toxins of fish as well as contaminated vegetables and fruits, therefore, produce needs to be thoroughly washed before it is consumed.

Furthermore, the quicker symptoms are determined, the quicker you can react to prevent others from becoming sick. The most common symptoms include the following:
Abdominal pain

Chemicals can cause further complications such as headaches and dizziness. Dehydration is the biggest complication when dealing with food borne illnesses and can cause critical health problems if not properly treated. A list of illnesses can be found through conducting further research. Additionally, anyone can be infected with a food borne illness; however, if your customers are mostly young, elderly, or have weakened immune systems they will be the most inclined to suffer serious side effects.

If your non-profit organization regularly serves food, you need to make sure your organization is properly covered. An insurance professional from Lamb Financial Group can assist in providing your non-profit organization with the proper insurance coverage. Call 866-481-5262 or contact us to learn more.

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