Community Health Centers and Nonprofits Face ACA Changes

insurance for community health centersCommunity health centers and nonprofits have become the primary health care provider for many individuals who otherwise might not be able to afford it. And according to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the success of these centers has “played an essential role in national recovery and reinvestment efforts and will play a key role in implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”

As NonProfit Quarterly shared in a recent article, the ACA’s expanded coverage provision will allow people without insurance to receive medical attention and care through community health centers rather than being required to visit hospital emergency rooms. Additionally, this expanded coverage means low-income patients can “more freely seek medical care from a variety of providers.”

Along with an increased number of patients, the ACA will bring in a total of $11 billion of “new, dedicated funding” for these health centers and their programs during a five year time frame (National Association of Community Health Centers).

The HRSA offers the following breakdown of how the funds will be distributed:

$9.5 billion will be targeted toward the support of ongoing health center operations; the creation of new health center sites in areas that are medically underserved; and expand preventive and primary health care services, such as oral and behavioral health, as well as pharmacy services.

$1.5 billion will be used to support large construction and renovation projects for community health centers across the nation.

Do you work for a community health center or nonprofit that will benefit from the ACA’s extra funding? Tell us how what you think about how the ACA’s expanded coverage will affect your company or organization in a comment below.


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