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camp insurance pennsylvania To kids, the best type of summer camp is one that has horseback riding, ropes courses, go-karts, trampolines, or water sports. To insurers, the best type of camp is one that has taken the proper precautions to reduce the number of risks as much as possible.

Any business related to the care of children is going to require special, high-quality insurance coverage. So when you add in games, sports, and other activities, you’re looking at a long list of exposures. From camp program activities such as whitewater rafting to products such as Nerf guns, every risk has to be taken into account.

A comprehensive insurance program from a provider that specializes in camp and/or childcare insurance is a necessity. But an additional way to address the unique exposures of camp organizations is through accreditation.

Accredited Advisers in Insurance (AAI) places substantial weight on accreditation from the American Camp Association (ACA) when writing insurance for camps. Not only does accreditation streamline the underwriting process, it ensures that the camp meets and maintains strict standards.

As one AAI notes, “ACA provides a disciplined approach to risk management,” and there is often a direct correlation between accreditation and losses experienced.

When it comes to ACA standards, no stone is left unturned – or, more appropriately, no bunk bed is left without a guardrail. The ACA Standards-at-a-Glance on its own is 13 pages long.  ACA accreditation simply makes you more trustworthy to insurers.

While accreditation may lower your insurance premiums, it will help you understand the risks involved with a camp organization so that you can minimize them as much as possible. If you are able to reduce risks, you are able to reduce the chances of incidents occurring where you will be held financially liable. But if something does happen, you will have obtained the right level of insurance coverage to protect yourself. As the ACA warns us, “Something too cheap usually leaves big gaps.”

Has camp accreditation helped you understand and shop for insurance? Tell us how it has or hasn’t in a comment below.


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