All You Need to Know About Industrial Code Rule 60

new york code 60The name “Code Rule 60” does not imply much, except maybe the fact that it comes after Code Rule 59. Nonetheless, it’s something that all New York employers should know about.

Code Rule 60 is the Workplace Safety Loss Prevention Incentive Program (WSLPIP) that was introduced by the New York State Department of Labor (NYDOL) during the 2007 workers’ compensation reforms. The goal is to minimize occupational injuries and illnesses in the workplace, reduce workers’ compensation costs for employers, and streamline processes to return injured or ill employees to work with medical clearance. Code Rule 60 was also designed to reward employers for implementing an approved WSLPIP.

A WSLPIP has three components: a Safety and Loss Prevention Program, a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program, and a Return to Work Program.

Phase 1

code 60 new york

The Safety and Loss Prevention Program works to reduce injuries and illnesses by first starting in the workplace. This program is designed to identify, prevent, evaluate, and control workplace hazards. The program includes the implementation of a Certified Safety Plan.

Phase 2

The Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program seeks to educate employees about the dangers of using drugs and alcohol while on the job. It also extends help to employees who may be struggling with a drug or alcohol problem that is interfering with their work.

Phase 3

The Return to Work Program provides fair and consistent practices to accommodate injured or ill employees and help get them get back to work. The program, as the New York State Insurance Fund puts it, “facilitates an employee’s return to work as soon as medically possible after a job-related injury or illness.”

Employers that successfully implement a full, approved WSLPIP can receive up to a 10 percent reduction in insurance premiums. Basically, it’s a win-win for employers and employees! Want to learn how to apply and how to implement an approved WSLPIP? Contact Lamb Financial Group at 1.866.481.5262.


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