5 Things Covered by General Liability Insurance

general liability insuranceDuring a swimming lesson, a child slips on the pool deck and breaks a bone…

At a senior meal site, a senior citizen contracts food poisoning after eating undercooked food…

On a school playground, a third-grader falls from the monkey bars and bumps his head…

The circumstances above are just a few examples of cases in which the injured party or the person who became ill may hold your business or organization responsible for their medical expenses. If you were liable, would you have the right insurance in place to help cover the costs?

General liability insurance protects you and your organization from the accumulation of costs that could result from a situation like the ones listed above. General liability insurance, as the Small Business Administration notes, not only protects your organization or company’s assets and pays for certain expenses, but also “covers the cost of your legal defense and any settlement or award should you be successfully sued.”

However, accidental injuries and illnesses are not the only things covered under general liability insurance. Below are a few additional instances in which general liability insurance can provide protection for your organization or business, inspired by the article “Cover Your Company With Liability Insurance” and by Small Biz Club.

  • If a fire damaged your rented office space, as well as that of your neighboring offices, general liability insurance would offer compensation for the damages to you and neighboring businesses that incurred damages.


  • As a tenant, this form of insurance will also protect you from property damages or losses that are a result of negligence to the rented space.


  • In the event that your organization or business is accused of false verbal or written statements (slander or libel), general liability will provide you with indispensible protection.
  • In addition to attorney fees and expenses that could arise when a claim is being investigated, settled, or litigated, general liability insurance will cover court bonds or other judgments through the appellate process.


  • General liability policies also cover contractual liabilities created when entering contract, such as lease contracts or elevator maintenance contracts.


While general liability insurance is a must for all businesses and organizations, the amount needed will vary, and as Small Biz Club notes, determining the right amount of coverage shouldn’t  be taken lightly. Contact Lamb Financial Group at 1-866-481-5262 to speak with a representative who can help you find the general liability insurance program that is best for your organization.


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